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Get a Competitive Advantage Over Your Training Partners When You Join The Jiu-Jitsu Video Club

Think about it...

If you are a Jiu-Jitsu competitor or you are just a casual student who trains for fun, one thing is for certain... you want to WIN either in practice against your training partners or against competitors at the highest level.​

Have you ever felt stuck or frustrated when rolling against some of your training partners at your academy and they always know your next move? (even though you out rank them and should be smashing them)? 

That is the nature of the beast when you are all learning the same techniques every day and drilling the same moves over and over with each other.

It becomes extremely difficult to surprise training partners with your attacks because they are learning the same exact stuff that you are.​

That is where the Jiu-Jitsu Technician Insider Gives You An Edge Over Training Partners. You Will Have Instant Access To Black Belt Instruction With Full Digital Video Courses Plus Live Online Seminars and Q&A Sessions. 

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Here Is Exactly What You Get When You Join Today

  • Instant Access To Every Course Already Inside The Members Area 
    You will have instant access to every course that has already been posted in the members areas!
  • A Brand New Course (Digital DVD) Every Single Month
    Each month you will have a full blown course posted right inside the members area so that you can start working on new techniques and sharpen your game!
  • Access To Our Private Members Only Facebook Group
    One of the best things about the Jiu-Jitsu video club is that as soon as you join you will get access to our community of members inside the private Facebook group. You can ask questions, share techniques and be around Jiu-Jitsu lovers just like yourself.

Jiu-Jitsu Technician Insiders vs Other Sites

Jiu-Jitsu Video Club 2.0

  • New Instructors Every Month
  • Only $9.99 Per Month (We Don't Want To Break Your Bank)
  • Very Organized With Courses Based On Specific Concepts
  • Very Fast Customer Support Response (Most of the time less than a few hours)
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group

Other Sites

  • Mostly The Same Instructors
  • $25 per month or more!
  • Mostly Random Techniques
  • Customer Service Can Take 24 Hours Or More
  • No Group Interaction

ONLY $9.99 Per Month (You Can Cancel Anytime)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Access To All Of The Past Material?

Can I Cancel Anytime?

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Will The Price Ever Go Up?

P.S. We will be raising the price to $25 per month in early 2016 BUT When You Join Now You Will Be Locked In At The Early Members Price Of Only $13 Per Month!

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