The Secret To Getting Your BJJ Black Belt: (Part 1 of 2)

There seems to be something magical about the technique and skill of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. It almost seems as if there is some sort of “secret” techniques that they are holding back from you and all of the other lower ranking belts in class.

The truth is there is a “secret”, but it’s not a technique or a training method (although certain coaches have better methods and finer technique than others). The true secret though almost goes un-noticed, in fact most black belts don’t even put any conscious thought into it for the most part.

So what is this “secret”? It’s called the “compound effect”. It has to do with your daily decisions and habits.

The power of the small daily decisions that you choose to take action on (or not take action on) have a HUGE impact called the compound effect. The choices that I am talking about are so simple and so small that it’s easy to blow them off as nothing. Choices like attending class one additional time per week on top of your normal training schedule or drilling for an extra 10 minutes before or after class. Even something as simple as going to the classes you originally planned on going to and not missing one (unless you are sick, have an emergency or maybe a kid’s birthday party).

As a Jiu-Jitsu coach I see students who sign up and for the first month or two they are excited, motivated and hardly ever miss a class. Then something happens, maybe a small bump or bruise, maybe a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe even your significant other starts to complain that “you train too much”. The truth is that some or even all of these things will happen to YOU eventually.

Now here is where things can go down hill for you (IF YOU LET IT).

Let’s say you jam your thumb and decide that you’ll skip out on class for the week to let your hand heel (seems reasonable). The problem starts the next week when your hand feels better. You’ve broken your normal weekly habit of attending class and you start to feel lazy, maybe you found a new show on Netflix or your significant other has gotten used to you being home every evening. You tell yourself “it’s just one class” and decide you’ll start back the next week… then the next week turns to three, turns to four and sooner or later getting back to training feels like starting something over from scratch… so you decide to quit. (NOOOOOO do not let this happen to YOU).

In part 2 I will cover some simple strategies that you can use to make sure you reach the goal of Black Belt! The strategies are very easy to do…they’re also very easy NOT to do. In the next post you will discover some simple little actions that if you choose to use, will help you reach the goal of becoming a BJJ Black Belt.



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